What Are The Characteristics Of Exquisite Box Printing?

At present, there are many packaging and printing factories in Guangzhou. Although the exquisite printed gift boxeshas many similarities with the general printed matters, since the packaging color boxes are mainly applied to the packaging of products, there will be various shapes in appearance. Therefore, color box printing will appear more diverse and complicated. Let's take a look at what features color box printing has.

Diversification of printing materials. Since most of the color box printing is used for product packaging, it has the characteristics of diverse printing materials. In addition to common paper and paperboard, it is also printed on plastics, metals, glass, ceramics and various composite materials. The shape of the package also prints on flat, curved, and irregular faces.

Diversified printing methods. In addition to the ability to use conventional offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and screen printing, in order to add some special decoration or functional effects, quality guaranteed color box printing usually uses some special printing techniques, such as using three-dimensional printing, laser holographic printing, and liquid crystal printing and combined printing.

The finishing process of pre-printing and after-printing. Color box printing is very versatile because of the type of material that is printed, because the processing before and after printing also presents a variety of characteristics, and depending on the material, glazing, laminating, bronzing, and die-cutting are used. Personalised gift boxesare like this. Different processing techniques, such as when printing on plastic packaging, in order to eliminate static electricity on the surface and allow the ink to adhere better to the plastic surface, it should be treated by corona before the color box printing, or if it is a metal material. The white ink is printed before the printing, and the varnish is added after the printing, and the processing is performed by punching into a can.

The above three points are the main features of color box printing.Any questions please feel free to contact us