Luxury Rigid Box

Generally speaking, the manual box is also called the paste carton. It refers to the adhesive bonding of the substrate board [1] with the veneer material. After molding, it can no longer be folded into a flat shape, but only in a fixed box. Type transportation and storage, so it is also known as fixed carton. Due to the wide variety of materials used in this type of carton, the production process is quite numerous, the structure is complicated, and the handmade production is the main one. The production cycle is relatively long, the grade and the price are relatively high. Therefore, in actual production, many people put This type of paper box is called a "gift box", a "hardcover box", and the like. Material The substrate mainly adopts nonresistant cardboard with high stiffness, such as various grass paperboard, rigid cardboard and double-sided heterochromatic cardboard for food, fiberboard, etc., and the thickness is usually 1-3mm.The lining is made of doubleadhesive paper, copper paper, coated white paper or white corrugated paper, plastic, sponge and so on.
The choice of veneer material is wide, there are copper paper, imitation leather paper, flocking paper, all kinds of special paper and cloth, enamel, leather, foil and so on.
The veneer printing method can be selectively selected, and lithography, screen printing, bronzing printing, etc. can be combined or used separately.
The box corner reinforcement can be fixed by various means such as tape, paper, cloth, and the like.Common consumables are white rags, gasoline, brushes, etc. Common manual box types.
1. Cover type (world box): full cover, shallow cover, deformed cover, or cover type.
2, shake the box: veneer cover, counter cover (commonly used wine box)
3, boss box (used in wine box)
4, wide bottom box
5, drawer box
6, book box
7, swivel box
8, shaped box (ellipse, heart shape, star shape, arch cover, etc.) production requirement
Dimensional design
Dimensional calculation principle:
1, the customer specifies the inner diameter size, then the size calculation is added from the inside to the outside.
2, the customer specifies the outer diameter size, then the size calculation is decremented from the outside to the inside.
Elements to consider when calculating dimensions:
The thickness of the substrate, paper, and glue should be considered when necessary. In particular, paper that is not directly coated with a film and whose deformation is seriously affected by moisture.
Quality requirements
1, the size meets the requirements
2, the paper is smooth, no blistering and obvious scratches
3, the corner position is not exposed to gray, no explosion angle, cracking
4, the accessories are positioned accurately and firmly attached
5, the surface is clean, no obvious stains
6, edging flat, no wrinkles, hanging
7, the finished product has no odor and mildew