Best selling custom logo printed christmas cardboard jewelry gift boxes
Best selling custom logo printed christmas cardboard jewelry gift boxes

Customized Paper Packaging. OEM Service Offered ,Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered. We can make the box as your custom size and printing. Our Professional designer can help you design service.

פרטי מוצר משוב עכשיו

Excellent quality and competitive price. The same price compares the quality, and the same quality compares the price. And the larger the quantity, the more competitive the price for you.

שֵׁם: Best selling custom logo printed christmas cardboard jewelry gift boxes
תכונה: high quality, competitive price, fashion design
Dimension: ס"מ(L * W * H)/ According to customers' specific requirements
Logo&לְעַצֵב: Customizing
חוֹמֶר: לוח גלי: א,ב,ה,F flute/90gsm-250gsm
Covering: White card board,black card, gold card, silver card: 170gsm-400gsm

נייר אמנות: 80gsm-350gsm

נייר מצופה:105gsm-400gsm

kraft paper 40gsm-400gsm

לוח גלי: א,ב,ה,F flute/90gsm-250gsm
גימור: הַדפָּסָה, הטבעה חמה, נקודה UV, הבלטות,debossing, matt,glossy lamination,glossing, Customizing
צֶבַע: any color available
הַדפָּסָה: CMYK 4 colors offset printing, Pantone color,screen printing Customizing
Accessories: Handles,PVC,ribbon,foam,EVA,magnet,plastic trim,velvet,וכו

יצירות אמנות שעוצבו → פלט סרטים → הזמנת חומר → הדפסה → למינציה → חיתוך למות → דבק(במכונה או בעבודת יד, זה תלוי) → בדיקת QC → אריזה → משלוח

אנו עושים תיבה מותאמת אישית עם הדרישות שלך , גם אם אתה צריך אנחנו יכולים לשלוח תבנית עבורך לעיצוב.


אנו מקבלים כל מיני גימורי משטח כגון למינציה מבריקה / מט, הטבעה חמה, הבלטות, ציפוי UV, וכו. התמונות הבאות מסופקות לעיונך בחביבות. לכל דרישות ספציפיות אנא יידע אותנו, אנחנו יכולים לענות על כל הבקשות שלך.

Besides the varying paper weights and types, the type (and number) of fluting must also be considered.At a basic level, a corrugated board is made up of the two liners, plus the single fluting. This is known as a “single wall”board. You can see a diagram indicating this below.However, an additional fluting section – and additional liner, can be added to make what is known as “double wall” or “double walled” material.
This effectively adds extra rigidity and strength, making it suitable for packaging heavier items and adding additional protection for items that may more delicate or expensive.You can see an example below.Finally, if the items you are shipping are particularly heavy or large (for example automotive parts, industrial equipment etc.)then a “triple walled” grade can also be used. As the name suggests, this adds another section of fluting and additional liner.

Also referred to as Tri-Wall (which is the brand name of the manufacturers too), you can see a basic diagram of this below.
Flute Explanation

The final aspect of the corrugated board that can affect its performance (and weight and cost), is the flute type.The flute is the “corrugated” section between the two liners, and by changing its’ height (and therefore the size of the flutes)it is possible to achieve different performance characteristics.This can vary from very fine flutes such as “E” to manufacture lightweight retail cartons (being very good to print onto), through to a more coarse flute such as an “A” or “B” flute more usually used for transit packaging.

As in the examples above, with double walled material, it is possible to combine one or more flutes to create a grade such as an “EB” or “BC” flute. This can offer a rigid structure perfect for heavier items, whilst also allowing an improved aesthetic outer
appearance and printing surface.The flute itself is usually manufactured from a waste based fluting (WBF – i.e., fully recycled material) or what is known as

semi-chem fluting (SC).
Typical paper weights used for fluting are as follows:
* 90 GSM WBF
* 105 GSM WBF – Most Common Flute Standard
* 112 SC and WBF
* 150 SC and WBF
* 175 SC and F
There are also a number of commonly used flute profiles or sizes, which are as follows:
* A FLUTE – 5mm
* B FLUTE: 3מ"מ
* C FLUTE: 4מ"מ
* E FLUTE: 1.5מ"מ
* F FLUTE:.2מ"מ
* BC FLUTE: Double Wall – 6mm -Combination of B + C flutes
* EB FLUTE: Double Wall – 4.5mm -Combination of E + B flutes
Again, this list is not exhaustive, and is complicated by the fact that many producers of corrugated material make very similar products which are given arbitrary names (and are exclusive to that manufacturer).

Best selling custom logo printed christmas cardboard jewelry gift boxes-ouhaipackaging

1.All of our products are recycled and made with paper from well-managed forests.
2. Short sample time, sample can be finished in 2-3 days and Offer free sample to check quality.
3. Equiped with professional designers, 3D Renderings and free mockup can be offered in 24 שעה (ות.
4. 3450 kinds of boxes styles has been made, ו 12960 kinds of raw materials for your choice.
5. 100% payment protection and USD330,000 warrantee by Alibaba.
6. Support Buy now pay later on Alibaba with up to $150,000 credit, Apply in 10 minutes and Fees
startingat 1.25% per month.
7. 7*24 hours after-sale service.

1. שירות מדהים! התיאום היה מוצרים מהירים ואיכותיים! —— קרלה גונזלס
2. תודה רבה לך! אני אוהב את השקיות שלי לתכשיטים שלי! הם יצאו מושלמים! אני אמליץ על החברה שלך ואזמין שוב בעתיד. —— פרנסין בוגומיל
3. הסחורה הן מעולה באיכות והן סבירות במחיר. אנו מקווים שנוכל לקבל שיתוף פעולה ארוך טווח. —— אן רייס
4. כלי טוב - שירות לקוחות ידידותי וסבלני. יזמין שוב.. —— אולריקה ראש
5. אנו מרוצים מהמוצרים שלך. —— סאקולה מטטה
6. אנו מרוצים מהמוצרים שלך. —פרנקי ג'ון

1.בנינו את מערכת בקרת האיכות המושלמת. החברה שלנו עברה את ה- ISO 9001:2008 תְעוּדָה.
2.יש לנו מעבדת ניתוח מודרנית מאובזרת כדי להבטיח שהתיק או הקופסה יגיעו לדרגת המזון ויגיעו לכל הדרישות מהלקוחות.
3.המוצר שלנו יוצא ליותר מ 100 מדינות ואזורים. כגון אסיה התיכונה, דרום אמריקה, אני, יפן וכן הלאה.
4. אנו מקדמים בברכה את כל הלקוחות החדשים והוותיקים שמגיעים לביקור בחברת האריזות Ouhai!

Best selling custom logo printed christmas cardboard jewelry gift boxes-ouhaipackaging

1) אריזה: 5000 יח ', even 10000 pcs small bags in 1 carton or as clients’ sizes requested

2) Shipment: by sea about 18-28 days or by express (DHL, יו פי אס, FEDEX) and air about 3-4days

3) תַשְׁלוּם: T/T and western union, money gram

ש:Are you a manufacturer?
א:כן, we are 100% manufacturer with more than 15 years experiences in packaging line.

ש:האם יש לך מוצרי מלאי למכור?
א:כן,and we also accept OEM/ODM order .All the paper boxes are customized with your own design artwork printing, and if you do not have the design, we have professional designer to design for you.

ש:What is the common delivery time?
א:Normally 10~15 days after confirmation of order.
Can I get some samples?
לאחר אישור מחיר, you can require samples to check our quality. We provide blank sample and digital printed sample free of charge.

ש:How long can I expect to get the sample ?
א:After you pay the sample charge and send us confirmed files, will be ready in 3-7 ימים.

ש:What is your minimum order quantity?
א:Usually, our Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per size and color. Small or large order are welcome!

ש:What is the price?
א:Please provide us the following details of the paper bags or boxes you want ,then will can quote you exactly .
Box size with shape, paper material, order quantity, printing color and design, surface treatment or any other order request.

ש:How to control the products' quality?
א:We have always placed great emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the
principle we always maintain is " to provide customers with better quality, better price and better service " .

ש:How Can I arrange shipment ?
א:1) You can either use your required shipping forwarder, give me the contact so that I can arrange the shipment for you.
2) If you don't have required shipping forwarder, just give me the airport or sea port so that I can give you quotation and then I
will arrange shipment, you will not have headache even you have no experience in it, and our marketing team will give you
professional advice in shipping , we can give you air freight cost with delivery time and sea freight cost with delivery time.

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